QLeVe. A Quake II level viewer in 3000 lines of Delphi



Hardware requirements:

The current version of QLeVe has support only for the 3DFX Voodoo cards, by using Glide.
The program was built on a P166 with 32Mb of Ram and a Monster 3D (voodoo 1) card, but I beleave that it will also run acceptable on a p133 with 16Mb ram and a Voodoo 1 card.


   - mip-mapping (of course, thanks to the 3D accelerator :)
   - lightmaps
   - bsp sorted, painter's algorithm
   - precomputed PVS culling of leaves
   - dynamic PVS culling of nodes
   - frustrum culling of nodes (and leaves)
   - backface culling of polys ("for free" with bsp sort)
   - water/lava/slime textures (but the animation is pretty dumb)
   - VERY primitive console (only the QUIT command works :)

Anti-featurelist (things not implemented):

   - sky
   - moving bsp objects
   - dynamic lighting
   - physics
   - game
   - Rsoft.dll (16 bit software renderer)
   - Rd3d.dll (Direct 3D renderer, for those that aren't 3DFX Fans)

There is also a version that does vertex lighting, not lightmaps, that I wrote to see how big are the differences between the two methods (in speed as well as in visual quality).